Ypsilanti Master Plan Draft Available for Your Review

Dear Shape Ypsi Participants,

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the Shape Ypsi process.  A draft plan is now available for your review here.  We want to hear your feedback on this draft – what is right, what is wrong, what can be done better!  Here are the ways to give your input:

The draft is under review by the public and adjoining municipalities (required by Michigan law) until late September. Ypsilanti City Council and Planning Commission will be reviewing the draft at a joint meeting on August 21st from 6:00 to 7:30 at City Hall – please attend if you can! After the review period has ended, one final rewrite will occur and the adoption process by the Planning Commission, that includes a public hearing, will occur. We hope you will continue to participate in this process with the same enthusiasm and passion for the City of Ypsilanti!

The steering committee will be holding a series of presentations of the master plan over the next two months.  Check back to the website or Facebook for a list of presentation dates and times.


The Shape Ypsi Planning Team

2 Responses to Ypsilanti Master Plan Draft Available for Your Review

  1. Michael-David BenDor says:

    The loss of “good-paying” jobs has hurt the Ypsilanti economy. I see nothing in the Master Plan Draft that addresses this.
    It is my view that an important function of government is the creation and maintenance of markets. The Draft should include city initiatives to establish working markets.
    The year-round, vital and vibrant Ypsilanti Freight House Farmer’s Market was killed by the city leadership. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been diverted to “planning” and the market remains closed, without any hope of being reopened. Why isn’t economic planning important?
    The idea that the functioning of an area could be improved by removing curbs and gutters is shocking. It must come from someone who has never had the responsibility of clearing snow and ice to provide safe passage for pedestrians. The only idea that could make this possible would be heated walkways and a network of underground drainage pipes–something that would not be cost-effective.
    If I could not expect to safely walk on the street, I would not patronize any business in the area. Perhaps the Master Plan Draft has the assumption that business will only take place in the warm weather?

    • Megan says:

      Thanks for the comment! Others have said the rewrite of the Master Plan occurring in September needs to include incentives to create jobs for the Ypsilanti economy and to attract and retain green, creative, sustainable businesses. The next version will have more economic development strategies. Remember, this project is funded by a grant from the U.S. federal government, but we hear your frustration! We will take your comments about the Freight House Farmer’s Market and see if we can expand the reopening of that market to the goal of finding permanent homes for the farmers’ markets in Depot Town and Downtown.