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Getting Involved

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I am a student with a planning major/GIS minor at EMU who is interested in helping any way possible. Thank you!

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We have added you to our list of volunteers and will be in contact with you soon about some concrete ways to help. Your input on how to engage EMU students would be really helpful! We know we will need help during the charrettes, so keep us in mind for your schedule March 12-15 and April 16-19.

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AMTRAK, Ypsilanti to Detroit

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I have a very real concern in regard to the train depot and speculation as to AMTRAK expanding their services from Ypsilanti to Detroit. I am NOT A FAN of providing mass transit of Detroiters to Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor. Sorry, but we have enough crime of our own and I think it naive to think that the drug and crime problems in Detroit would not ride along on those trains. Bad idea.

Our Response…

Amtrak is expected to begin commuter service, on a pilot basis, 4 trips daily in 2015.  Whether or not that occurs is not a subject for debate in this process, but how the train station could affect the nearby area is.  One of the milestones for the grant funding this project is to draft a transit oriented design plan for Depot Town, which will have a crime prevention component.  We encourage you to come to the charrettes, share your concerns and work with our urban designers to find solutions.  Thank you for your continued participation

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