Why is this important?

It shapes the city

A Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance literally shape a community.  They are officials’ guides for all city decisions related to land use, housing, transportation, equity, quality of life and sustainability.  Future buildings, streets, parks, businesses, how we get from one to another and what fuels them will be rooted in these documents.

This time is different

Shape Ypsilanti is committed to creating a master plan grounded in the real challenges and opportunities facing the City.  The policies will reflect what is possible under current conditions, not predictions.  The process is different too, using multi-day, interactive workshops to bring the talents of the community, the consultants and the City together in creative, productive bursts.

It only happens once in a long while

The last time Ypsilanti had a new Master Plan, Bill Clinton was president of the United States.  Ypsilanti has a grant from the Housing and Urban Development Department to spend on a comprehensive rewrite of the Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance.  We are unlikely to see this amount of time and resources for discussing our future again soon.  What the community decides now, will influence policy for years, if not decades, to come.