What’s a Master Plan?

Shape Ypsilanti is a community-driven process, begun in January 2013, to create a Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance, to shape the City of Ypsilanti.  Funded by a HUD Sustainability grant, the process will take 18 months but most of the work will be done at three community events called “charrettes”.  Still confused?  See the definitions below or send us a question.

Master Plan

An organic, evolving, long term planning document that sets the framework for future development, redevelopment and preservation in the community. It is essentially a blueprint for the CIty’s future…which is why it is so important that we know what YOU want the future of Ypsi to be.

Zoning Ordinance

A set of laws that regulate how we use land within the City, based on the principles set out in the Master Plan. If the Master Plan is the “what”, the Zoning Ordinance is the “how.”


A multiple day workshop that brings together the community, stakeholders, government officials, staff and consultants in intense collaboration to discover what the Master Plan should preserve, improve and/or change (March 12-15), design solutions (April 15-18) and then draft the Zoning Ordinance (October 8-11).  These four-day events will include formal presentations, a studio with an open door and walking tours of neighborhoods.